Involvement in the Arts

In 1983, I co-founded  Media Loft,  the first Loft established for artists in Westchester County. Developed in  a 100 year old Dutch Federal brick factory  building, the artist's community enjoyed an enriching environment where they had the benefit of affordable space, privacy, and the continued opportunity for collaboration. In 2003,  as developing partner, in response to the demand for legal living space, I converted the site  to a thriving mixed-use, live/work Artists in Residence Condominium, thereby  creating  affordable and secure work space for its artist community. 

Committed to maintaining our "arts" profile, the ground floor lobby serves as the Media Loft Gallery  which provides exhibition  opportunities for the residents, as well as for   emerging artists from outside the community. The Gallery is also available for a variety of events and exhibitions throughout the year.
As a resident of New Rochelle who is committed to the contribution the Arts make to community enrichment, I served as Co-chair of  the Chamber of Commerce's Community Fund for Civic Beautification. From 2006 - 2008 I worked to bring an awareness of the arts to the business community.  As President of The New Rochelle Council on the Arts  I continue to work to develop programming and strengthen the profile  of the many exciting and professional arts venues available in the community.  I recently joined the Board of Directors of the Castle Gallery at The College of New Rochelle.
As a ceramic artist, my love of Clay has given me an opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors of the Clay Art Center This extraordinary organization "is dedicated to advancing the ceramic arts.  Believing strongly that the arts have the ability to touch and enrich lives, its mission is to offer ceramic artists a stimulating space for studio practice, and to provide clay exhbitions and educational programs to better serve the community".
As an arts advocate I firmly believe in  the enormous economic, social, and spiritual impact  the arts have on the community. The presence of the ARTS  increases job opportunities, promotes creative clusters, increases property values and can preserve historic buildings.  in 2008 I participated as a committee member and contributing writer for the New Rochelle Arts Collaborative. This group was formed with a grant from the City of New Rochelle to help create a cultural plan for  the city .
I plan  to continue to build my career as a working artist and designer, and to   contribute my skills, enthusiasm, and dedication to the inclusion and expansion of the arts in the community at large.